About Fresh and Local CSA

2018 Farm Shares are currently on sale!

Imagine – – Fresh Biodynamically-Grown greens, vegetables and fruit delivered to a location near you for 18 weeks this summer – – the same day they are harvested!

Fresh and Local CSA is committed to bringing you a variety of fresh, biodynamically raised vegetables throughout the growing season. Even the pickiest eaters will dig into the colors, aromas and obvious nutritional value of our CSA shares. An informative emailed newsletter accompanies each week’s box filled with recipes and storage tips that help you capture the most flavor and freshness from that day’s harvest.

There are lots of reasons for joining a CSA, but the best ones boil down to this: Instead of paying for transporting chemically contaminated vegetables an average of 2000 miles, you can spend the same dollars and receive excellent fresh, tasty, locally grown biodynamic food allowing a local farming family to make a living while farming local land in a restorative fashion. You will also be helping to create educational opportunities for future generations of natural farmers AND eaters, while encouraging a healthy local economy and environment. Plus, you belong to a community of like-minded people that has come together around similar values.

We look forward to growing with you this season!

We grow with Nature. We compost. We do not use chemicals, GMOs or artificial fertilizers!

We have been certified organic in the past but choose to no longer participate in the federal program. (Ask us why!)

4 Responses to About Fresh and Local CSA

  1. Beth Peacock says:

    Why? not become orangically certified?

    • allan says:

      Hi, Beth!

      The primary reason is that USDA Organic Certification is a value-added incentive for commercial farmers. We are not commercial farmers, we are farming from our heart, from what we know is right. USDA certification is primarily a list of prohibited substances. We believe there should also be a list of natural things and practices that plants and soil need to be produce healthy and healthful foods. You don’t get such a list with organic certification, which is one reason why certified organic food seldom tests better food than conventionally grown foods and never has the flavor that artisan foods have.

      We also feel that instead of enhancing transparency around farming that USDA certification is used to shield it and that the USDA itself has ok’d practices and substances that we’d never use on this farm.

      Bottom line is as Joel Salatin says ‘Why would you trust an organization that supports genetically modified crops to manage your organic food system?”

      I’m open to more questions. thanks for your interest

  2. Lesley-Jane says:

    I am new to buying CSA shares. Can you tell me how the program works, what types of vegetables I might see each week and where I would go for pick up in DC. I live off 16th Street, but noticed that you have deliveries in Silver Spring and Tenley Court, both of which are nearby. Thank you for your time.


    • allan says:

      Lesley –

      CSA is a social movement that was founded back in the 80’s as a means of supporting small scale farmers as they provided foods of exceptional nutrient quality to people who don’t farm.

      If you want nutritious food (what do you want to eat to get your Lycopene, one of my tomatoes or 3 tomatoes from your super market?), a CSA that adheres to the original principles of CSA, as we do, is your best choice.

      I think your other questions can be answered through the menu choice on the first page of the blog, the one that says “What is a CSA”


      -Farmer Allan

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