The CSA Philosophy

Fresh and Local CSA operates under the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. CSA is a social model that connects you to your food, the land, and with those that tend the soil. CSA is an economic model that allows you to place your food dollar directly in the hands of a family farm, a farm you know, a farm that adopted biodynamic practices to respect the health and nutritional value of your food, a farm that reduces the impact of agriculture on the environment, a farm that provides habitat for beneficial insects and birds.

Today the food we eat travels an average of 1,300 miles to reach our tables, and along the way up to five or six businesses take a portion of the profits. (We have heard that the Phillip Morris Corporations receives 10 percent of every food dollars spent in the USA!) Produce is grown, bred, treated and harvested based on its ability to ship, hold and be mechanically harvested and handled; nowhere is there consideration for real flavor or nutritional value. As a result of this food system, there is a growing concern over the safety of our food supply, the long term impact on our land and water resources and the associated decline of the health of both ourselves and of family farms.

The CSA philosophy abandons this food system and supports a system that adopts practices emphasizing taste, nutrition, local economies and respect for the land. The benefits of a CSA based food system are many. Besides providing fresh organically grown produce, a CSA farm provides the non-farmer with an understanding of the challenges and rewards of farming. Members participate in the risks and uncertainties of farming as well as sharing in the rewards of a bountiful harvest. Having direct contact with the land can be a spiritually and physically rewarding experience. Family farmers can survive because of a guaranteed market that includes a dedicated community, a set income, help with labor intensive tasks, and freedom to experiment with new varieties and techniques. Freeing the farmer from the demands of the marketplace allows him (in this case) to put his energy and intention into caring for the land so that it continues to produce crops of the best flavors and highest nutrition for you, the shareholder.

Belonging to Fresh and Local CSA benefits you, your family, the local economy and the environment.