What’s in a Share?

The Produce Share

Recieve a splendid variety of produce delivered to your pickup site weekly in Shepherdstown. You will sample over 150 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Each week’s harvest yields its own unique share bag. Plan on plenty of those favorite staple vegetables, plus a healthy portion of the exotic and novel. Quantity and variety progress with the season.

Standard Vegetable Share (18 wks June to October):

Most members subscribe for the Standard Share (averaging 3/4 or more of a grocery bag ). As the season progresses and crops mature, the amount and variety of produce increases. Standard shares are recommended for vegetarian families of two or omnivore couples with two young children.  The purchase of a Standard Vegetable Share provides the best support for the the farms soil management and educational outreach projects. $600

Vegetable Half-Share (18 wks June to October):

Some members order the Half-share Share (typically 1/2 of a Standaard Share Plus items that cannot be divided without cutting (like melons)). As the season progresses and crops mature, the amount and variety of produce increases. $325

A CSA Share Keeps You In Touch with the Season

A CSA Share Keeps You In Touch with the Season

4 Responses to What’s in a Share?

  1. Cindy Lawrence says:

    Just read about you in my latest National Integrated Health Assoc. newsletter and am interested in joining if you deliver to a location near me. I live near Laytonsville, MD 20882. You mentioned that you deliver to some locations in Maryland, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Please let me know. Cindy

  2. allan says:

    Hi, Cindy!

    Is Laytonsville, MD near the I-270 corridor?

    Farmer Allan

  3. Dana Fishman says:

    Where do you deliver to in Maryland. I live in Rockville Maryland, off I-270 (6B exit)
    When do you deliver. If I am away on Vacation what happens to my deliveries? Do you deliver to Anne Arundel County area? West River, Edgewater, Deale? I am in those areas for 6 weeks of the summer. Just trying to see if this is a possibility for either area!

    • allan says:

      Hi, Dana –

      Under “What’s in A Share,” which is under “What is CSA” in the black menu you will find a list of the sites we currently serve.

      We do not currently have a Rockville site, but many people from Rockville use our Silver Spring site.

      If you wanted to start a site in Rockville, and it was reasonably close to I-270, I would imagine we could add it this year.

      If you are going to be gone for 6 weeks of the CSA, I’d recommend that you find someone (a friend or neighbor?) to buy that portion of your share. Once people see how much you’re enjoying your share, they wish they had signed up when shares were still available. It’s usually very easy to find someone who would be happy to buy your unused weeks from you!

      Thanks for your interest!

      -Farmer Allan

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