Farmer Allan Balliett on “Foodie and the Beast”

I’m going to be on Nycci Nellis’ “Foodie and the Beast this morning at 11am.

As far as I understand it, you can listen to it live at 1500 AM at 11am or catch it live or archived on the web at later.

There will be a several important local chefs and, as I understand it, a baker on the program, as well as myself, a simple biodynamic CSA farmer from the valleys of West Virginia.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the earlier Foodie and the Beast programs, but I understand that the program is structured around a ‘food fight’ between the husband and wife stars of the program. Reminiscing on classic radio programs, I imagine my position on “Foodie and the Beast” will be much as Paul Krassner’s was on the old Joe Pyne show, with husband David doing his damndest to associate CSA farming with the sort of pink communalism that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. I’m assuming this, though, like I said, I haven’t had a chance to listen to earlier programs.

So, as far as I understand it, Nycci has invited me on the program to talk about CSA in Washington DC and her husband David will use that as a pretext to give me a good public drubbing. I assume my only defense as a farmer who spends a great time alone in the solitude of the agrarian version of Nature, should I get a chance to speak, will be to immediately launch into levels of obscenity normally reserved by urbanized men to only be used in those first few seconds after whacking their thumb with a hammer while doing a household carpentry project they didn’t really¬†want to be involved in.

Just the same, whether the person with the censor bleeper works fast enough or not, the program should provide a lot of well punctuated information on how, and how not to source truly fresh and truly local foods in the DC-area.

Please tune in!

-Farmer Allan Balliett
Fresh and Local CSA
A Biodynamic Farm
Serving Foods that Delight and Heal
to the DC Metro Community

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About Foodie and the Beast

From fine dining to irresistible junk foods, top chefs to up-and-comers you haven’t heard of (yet!), foie gras, fish fingers, and much more, no sip of wine, no morsel of food or food gossip goes untouched, as David and Nycci Nellis give you the inside dish on the hottest restaurants and bistros, the freshest ingredients and the finest tipples on the scene.
Nycci is found and editor of the, the DC area’s premier food and wine events website. She and David have cooked up this lively – and sometimes edgy – food and wine variety show catering to in-the-know “foodies” and to those (like David) whose appetites run more toward Ruffles than truffles.

Look for engrossing segments on the newest restaurants, restaurant promotions, the latest chef moves and tips from guests about everything from new ingredients to the worlds of fine wines, spirits and brews. Listeners of all food faiths will enjoy taking sides in David and Nycci’s playful “food fights” – call it, “Foodie and the Beast” – and polar views on what really makes the best in food and drink.

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