With Your Help, 20 Families Will Receive Fresh Vegetables Throughout the 2016 Growing Season! 

CSA Share

Fresh vegetables and fruit are the cornerstone of good health. Jefferson County Community Ministries (JCCM) and their partner Fresh and Local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are raising money  to provide bi-weekly boxes of fresh. local, chemical-free produce to 20 families in need through JCCM’s new Farm-to-Food Pantry initiative.

Your donation to this new project counts double!  The same donation  supports both feeding families in need and the family farm that produces this food — equally!

Donate the Gift of Fresh, Local, Healthy Food

What Will Families Receive?

Plenty of nutrient-rich greens, summer favorites like tomatoes and cucumbers, and in the fall, hearty staples like sweet potatoes and winter squash as well as delicious recipes for easy, quick meals with each week’s harvest

You Can Help Make this Happen

To feed 20 families, we need to raise a total of $6,000.

A donation of $600 provides a full share of fresh local food, but donations of all sizes make a difference.  Your generosity will help  provide families in need with fresh, local, chemical-free food throughout the growing season.

This is a tax-deductible donation and you will receive a donation receipt if you give at the following link:

Donate the Gift of Fresh, Local, Healthy Food

About Jefferson County Community Ministries (JCCM)

“JCCM is striving to help our clients become more self-sufficient in many areas.  Access to healthful food is important to both household economics as well as family health and well-being.  Being able to stretch the food dollars along with reducing some medical costs through healthier diets is a great benefit to our clients and a key component to achieving the goal of increased self-sufficiency.”

Robert Shefner, Executive Director, JCCM

Jefferson County Community Ministries, in Charles Town, West Virginia, provides county residents with emergency assistance, including access to food.  In 2015, we distributed 160,000 pounds of food, which amounted to about 72,000 meals. We also host a community garden, the Charles Town Farmers Market and receive many contributions of fresh, local food from local gardeners.  This year, we are expanding our efforts to ensure that a greater percentage of our food is made up of fresh vegetables and fruit. We believe that healthy food—like fresh farm produce—should be available to all members in our community, including those in need.

About Fresh and Local CSA


Fresh and Local CSA has been working for over a decade to provide families foods of nutritional quality that are not typically available through the free market economy

Fresh and Local CSA is a biodynamic farm located in Shepherdstown, WV that provides families with fresh, seasonal produce through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Biodynamics is a school of regenerative farming that focuses on nutritional value over yield quantity, which can only be achieved without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. CSA’s help connect families to their food, the land, and with those that tend the soil. Participants in this Farm-to-Food Pantry CSA program will receive CSA shares that include 5-10 items, including at least one crop in each of the following categories: a salad or cooking green (e.g. arugula, kale, or bok choy); a root vegetable (e.g. beets, radishes, or potatoes); and a seasonal vegetable (e.g. tomatoes, beans, summer squash, or cucumbers). This ensures that food pantry families are getting a diversity of nutrients while balancing the fun of a surprise with the ease of consistency.

Fresh and Local CSA is operated by farmer Allan Balliett, a biodynamic farmer and disabled veteran. Allan became an advocate and proponent of what he calls ‘nutritional farming’ in the late 80’s after changing his diet to organic-only foods to recover from a wasting disease that baffled conventional doctors.  It also gave him a direct experience of the value of nutrient-dense, whole foods in recovering from illness, in human performance andin the experience of Well-Being. Drawn to the mission of producing high quality, chemical-free food for local families while actually improving soil quality and maintaining habitat for wildlife, he started his first biodynamic CSA in 1995.

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