Eastern Panhandle of WV Democratic Socialist of America Food Project

The EPWVDSA Food Garden will be managed through the French Intensive Biodynamic methodology. This is a collection of techniques which, in part, is derived from the 19th century French market gardeners who evolved a series of very effective techniques to improve soil and food quality while producing huge amounts of organically grown produce in small areas. We will be following John Jeavons’ codification of this form of food production since it is very straight forward and reliable (Reference: How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons)

John Jeavons talks at GOOGLE about the importance of adopting appropriate agriculture

Preliminary material for the  January 29 class.

Two Videos on How to Double-Dig Garden Beds, (the focus of Sunday’s lesson) (Don’t panic! We’ll come back to sessions 1 & 2.)


Here’s an example of raised beds and volunteers ¬†in action. Note how Nature and the cultivated garden almost merge. This is a garden that produces food for low income families in Asheville, but the garden in Shepherdstown will look much the same.