What Are We Growing?

Here’s what we plan to grow in 2017. As everyone knows, some varieties do well one season, others to better another year. We can’t promise but we’ll sure be trying to produce all of these. Most seeds are open pollinated from organic sources. All of our farming is done biodynamically, which is an advanced form of ecological agriculture (Also, with a true local ecological CSA, you will be eating with the seasons which means that you will get the fruits and vegetables at their appropriate weeks of the years i.e. you will develop a keener sense of the rhythms of Nature in the DC-area when you are eating from a local ecological farm )
-3 varieties incl Thai, Holy and Pesto
– 5 varieties +edamame
– Beet Greens
– Round Red
– Specialty
– Golden Beets
– Hybrid
– Open Pollinated
Broccoli, Mini
– Broccoli Raab
Brussels Sprouts
– Flowering Brussels Sprouts
-By Request
– Fresh Eating
Cabbage, Chinese
– Napa/Closed Head
Celery & Celeriac
– Celeriac/Celery Root
– Celery
– Belgian Endive/Witloof
– Endive
– Escarole
– Italian Dandelion
– Radicchio
– Round “Chioggia” Type
– yellow or bi-color
– American Pickling
– American Slicing
– European
– Asian
– Italian
– Light Purple/Pink
– Edible
– Large-fruited
– Small-fruited
– Ornamental
– Arugula/Roquette
– Asian
– Pac Choi
– Many Others
– Corn Salad/Mache
– Cress
– Mustard
– Green
– Red
– Sorrel
– Greens Salad/Braising Mixes
-Standard Culinary Herbs (by request)
Jerusalem Artichoke
–  Red Russian
–  White Russian
–  Siberian
– Curly
– Dwarf
– Frilly Russian
– Purple
– White
– Baby Bunching
– Full Size
– about 15 varieties, most heirloom
– Salad Mixes
– Cantaloupe
– Crenshaw
– French “Charentais”
– Bunching/Scallions
– Snow and Shelling
-Sweet and Hot
-8 varieties
– Fingerling
– Jack-O’-Lantern
– Daikon
– Long French
– Red Round
– Colored Round
Root Crops
Scorzonera & Salsify
– Salsify
– Scorzonera
– Set Grown
– Asian-Leaf (Arrowhead)
– Savoyed-Leaf
– Smooth-Leaf
– Summer
– Patty Pan/Scallop
– Round
– Yellow
– Zucchini
– Yellow
– Winter
– Acorn
– Buttercup
– Butternut
– Delicata/Sweet
– Hubbard
– Kabocha
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard
-3 varieties
Tomatoes Many varieties but especially heirlooms such as Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, etc
– Cherry
– Beefsteak
– Paste
– Tomatillo
-Standard American + White Japanese

6 Responses to What Are We Growing?

  1. Amy says:

    Question: for those who have had a diet limited by food sensitivities is there a market where you regularly sell your produce or any way of ordering what one consistently tolerate? Thanks. Your work seems like a really good idea.

    • allan says:

      Hi, Amy!

      As a community service for our neighbors in Shepherdstown, farm wife Maura Balliett has a stand at the Shepherdstown Farmers Market on Sundays from 8am to 1pm from April 6 until just about Christmas.

      You could actually special order items foods you want to make sure they are that market stand when you come out. Maura’s email is maurabATfrontiernet.net

  2. Barbara says:

    I am interested in joining, and would like to know when you will begin delivering. I will not be available till 5/20. What day do you deliver? And if I am out of town, how do I communicate that? Also where do you deliver in Silver Spring? Thank you.

    • allan says:

      Hi, Barbara!

      The first CSA delivery is scheduled for June 2 this year, so, no problem! If you’re out of town, you’ll want to send the CSA an email and your share will be divided among the other CSA members, who will do the same for you so, if you don’t miss a lot of weeks, you’ll probably wind up with the same poundage of produce for the season even though you’ve missed a week.

      The CSA delivers in the 200 block of INDIAN SPRING, just off Colesville Rd, where we’ve delivered for over 12 years.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Barbara says:

    To decide where to pick up, what is the closest place to NE DC? And on pick up days, what is the timing for pick up?

    Does everyone receive the same amount? Are there different prices for smaller families?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be clear before I sign up.

    • allan says:

      Hi, Barbara –

      I’d think that the “16th St Neighborhood” site would be closest to NE. It’s in the 1400 block of Decauter. Deliveries there last year were occurring around 4pm on Tuesdays. You have until the next day to pick up. I imagine the porch light is on until 10pm at that site. Shares are on a well sheltered open porch of a residence and keep very well there.

      We do not offer a smaller share except at American University as part of a special program for students only. All shares are pretty much equal. There are frequent options for more or different vegetables but these are all ‘add-ons.”

      Thanks so much for your interest. I hope we see you this season!

      Farmer Allan

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