CSA Work-Shares for the 2018 Season

PLEASE NOTE: Contrary to the recent Facebook post, this program is based on a full weekly CSA share in exchange for 4 hours of garden work in a season-long commitment. So you’re interested in doing a work-share this year at the Fresh and Local CSA garden! Work-shares are essential to getting the CSA garden work done every week, from the beginning of the season until we wrap up in the late-fall. We are looking for people who can commit themselves to the full 2018 growing season and make it out to the CSA garden on a regular weekly basis. Every week you will come out to the farm for a 4-hour shift (on a specific day) and in return you receive a full share worth of vegetables. (You will pick up your CSA share at the normal CSA distribution, which is on Thursdays in Shepherdstown.) If you are interested it is very important to consider the following list of information and see if  a CSA Work Share will work for you. CSA Work Shares are awesome way to get involved with the food you eat and Nature, herself, while supporting Food Justice and Food Security in our community. We hope you will join us.

What are the benefits of joining us?

  • You get to eat plenty of  fresh, healthy and nutritious local food
  • You know where your vegetables come from and the people who grow them
  • You reduce your food miles and your carbon footprint
  • You have a say in how your food is produced
  • You can enjoy fresh air and fun (and exercise!) by sharing in the work and the harvest and joining in social activities
  • You get the chance to take advice and learn from professional growers
  • You contribute to making your community a better, healthier, greener place

Work-share members…

1. Must commit to a weekly 4-hour shift in exchange for a share of vegetables. Shifts times potentially available are Sundays 9-1pm, and 8-noon other days.  If you need a different schedule, we can discuss your needs.

2. Must be able to make your shifts on a weekly basis. We are looking for people who are dependable on a weekly basis and a seasonal basis. Look at your summer/fall plans. If you see yourself being unavailable 3-4 weeks out of the season then the work-share is not likely a good option for you (but, with planning, could possibly be accommodated.) Students can set up a short season schedule, we want to work with you.

3. Should consider the position with the same respect you would a job, take it seriously. Calling out 20 minutes (or even an hour) before you are supposed to arrive is just not acceptable. We ask that you treat the garden and the CSA community that eats from it with respect and follow through on your commitment to be at the farm on time. If you are consistently late then the work-share is not a good option for you.

4. Must have reliable transportation back and forth from the farm. We are just two miles outside of Shepherdstown. It currently is NOT practical to bike to the farm. It is quite likely we could arrange a ride to the CSA garden for you.

5. Must be willing to work in lousy weather. Rain or shine, the gardening goes on! Bring rain jacket and pants (should probably always have them in your bag or car when you come). Often there is indoor work that can be done during the rain.

6. We will have to get work done quickly and efficiently. You must come willing to work and be able and willing to take instruction.

7. All members must commit to a shift  before the CSA begins.

8. MOST IMPORTANT! You must have a good sense of humor! We kick around a lot of jokes and have a lot of fun.

If this all sounds good then sign up today!

Be ready to work hard!
Be ready to work hard!

More Information on the 2018 Fresh and Local CSA Work Share

A Fresh and Local CSA Work Share Member is someone who works a farm shift of at least 4 hours on the same day every week from the date they start (typically, some time in March)  through October in exchange for a Full Vegetable Share bag of the farm’s produce the week they work. CSA Work Share members differ from one-time volunteers and CSA members who volunteer to work in that Work Share Members develop skill and speed over the course of a season, which gives them an important role to play in meeting the farm’s labor needs. The farm and its CSA shareholders rely on Work Share Members for the quantity and quality of food they’ll receive through the season. Work Share Members enable the farm to also meet its goals. The Work Share is a relationship between the Work Share person and the CSA Community, which makes it more challenging and more rewarding then a monetary exchange.

Because CSA Work Shares are so important to meeting the goals of the farm, participants must sign an agreement that they will be available across the season to fulfill their obligation, and that they will make an effort to find a replacement worker for weeks when they cannot make it. Before you sign the Work Share Member agreement, please make sure you have a sense of commitment to supporting the community that has formed around this farm for an entire season. The consequence of breaking the workshare agreement (missing a scheduled work day twice without calling in) is that your CSA Work Share will be given to someone else. (Yes, you can be a Work Share Members and still take up to two weeks off for your summer vacation if you need to – – but you must schedule your time off well in advance for the sake of farm planning.)

What is involved in a CSA Work Share Membership?

Work Share members commit to working at least 4 hours per week in exchange for receiving a Full Vegetable CSA share. (We do not do Work Shares for Half Shares.)  It is likely you will spend most of your time weeding, hoeing, planting or harvesting vegetables.  You may also spend time preparing beds for replanting, or other pertinent farm tasks. If you have other special skills to offer, please let us know. (Such as computer graphics or social media skills.)

What Does Fresh and Local CSA ask of Work Share Members?

Work Share members commit to a shift, coming the same day each week for 4-6 hours throughout the length of the season (which should last between 18-20 weeks). We give priority for selection for these positions to individuals who will commit to working with us for the full season. Prior farming/gardening experience is not necessary, but a willingness to work hard with focus and efficiency is expected. Also be aware that our bed layout is not very human friendly, and you will need to be physically able to maneuver narrow pathways and carrying sometimes awkward loads of produce or bed materials.  You need to be able to lift 50 pounds. You also need to be prepared to work outside in any weather conditions – – be it raining, or  hot and sunny, or cold and windy. Because of the nature of our farm and tasks, you won’t be able to bring your babies, children or pets.

Do Work Share Members receive any other benefits besides high quality, fresh, and CASH-FREE food?

Absolutely! We want to help you achieve your goals – whether it’s enhancing your gardening experience, farming know-how, soil-based radical healthy food activism, or community building skills. As we get to know you and your interests, we’ll gladly share contacts and resources. This is a unique opportunity for hands-on learning about all aspects of innovative wholistic farming. At our farm, you can learn about raising loads of flavorful nutrient dense vegetables in an urban environment and the unique techniques and problem solving strategies that it takes. You will also have a chance to get to know and spend time with some other awesome, ecologically-minded folks interested in changing our food systems and affecting the health and future of our community for the better.

What are the Shifts and What is the Season?

From the first of February thru the End of October, 2016,   8 AM – 12:00 PM Mon – Sat or 9AM – 1PM Sundays
We are flexible to some degree and we want to do anything we can do to make it possible for you to work with us this season. We can’t make any decisions that do not work in the interests of the professional garden staff or the CSA Shareholder Community, however.

To apply, please send an email describing your interest , experience, commitment level, and availability to info@freshandlocalcsa.com  subject=2018 Work Share. Include your email address and TEXT number. We’ll get right back to you!

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